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How do I apply my press-on nails?

Step 1:Push down your cuticle on each natural nail.
Step 2: Lightly buff your nails to remove the natural shine
Step 3:Wipe your natural nail with the alcohol wipe to remove excess oil
Step 4: Apply nail glue evenly on the whole natural nail and quickly put the press on nail. While pressing down rock side to side
Caution please make sure to apply correctly. Make sure the press on nail is not glued to your cuticle or skin. DO NOT wear false nails if you have any skin or nail problems like inflammation or nail fungus.

How do I remove my press-on nails?

Step 1: Soak nails in warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes
Step 2: Make sure the nails are loose enough from soaking to remove completely. Slide a cuticle stick in the siding of the nail bed gently to separate from the press on nail.
Step 3: Still not lifting, continue soaking in warm soapy water. Please be patient, do not destroy your nail bed. We want you to continue using our product. 
Step 4: Buff out each nail to remove additional nail glue, also cuticle oil is important in the process of maintaining healthy nail beds.

How long do the press-on nails last?

If the instructions are followed correctly they can last up to 3 weeks. They can be reusable if removed correctly.

How are the nails created?

These press-on nails are handmade and tailored to fit the customers needs.

How do I know my size?

  Several different ways to know your size

  1. Buying a sizing kit

  2. Measuring your own nails at home

  3. Request a set of 20 nails for a cost

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